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I've wandered far away from God, Now I'm coming home
The path of sin too long I've trod. Lord,I'm coming home.

I've wandered far away from God, Now I'm coming home. The path of sin too long I've trod. Lord,I'm coming home.

Our pastor had closed out a revival in this town and he boarded a train to begin his journey home.

And so he sat down beside a young man,and he thought he would start conversation by making a comment about the weather,but the young man just didnt want to talk and so they road on.

After a little while the preacher heard the young man burst into sobs, and so he leaned over and put his arm around him and he said son I'm a minister and I'd like to help you in some way if I can.

The young man said yes preacher I need to talk to somebody. He said you see some 3 years ago I became so mean. I went as far one day to strike my dad with my fist. And my dad told me son you've just grown so wicked that you're worrying your mother to death,and I'm going to have to ask you to leave home.

For 2 long long years preacher I done just about everything that a young man could do that was wrong.

But 2 weeks ago I knelt down at an old fashioned alter and God so gloriously saved my soul. You know the first thing I thought of preacher was my dear old mother, and dad and how I would love to go home.

And So I sat down and wrote my dad a letter. I told him if he could just find it in his heart to forgive me that I would love to come home, and I told him I would be on this train if he wanted me to get off I would.

Now this kindly confused the preacher just a little bit he said son how you gonna know that you've been forgiven, that your folks want you to get off.

The young man said preacher I've lived beside these old railroad tracks just about all my life. Out in our back yard stands a great big old apple tree,and I told my dad if he could just find it in his heart to forgive me just tie a white flag in that old apple tree and I would get off the train.

Well again they rode on in silence, but it was'nt too long the young man bust into tears again. He said preacher Im almost home, almost home preacher, but I cant bare to look. The preacher said thats alright son I will be your eyes, and I'll look for you. And so he leaned over and wiped the fog away from the window. A great Big ole smile come on his face.

He said son looks like you dont have a thing in the world to worry about. Why it looks like that old apple trees in full bloom. It's got white flags tied all over it son, but thats not all. Standing under that old apple tree I see a dear old gray haired mother and dad. They're not waving a white flag son, waving a great big old white bed sheet. Saying come on home son, we still love you just come on home.

Folks ain't you so glad today that we have got a
Father yonder in heaven. No matter how mean
you've been how much wrong you done.
He's standing there right now with out stretched arms
"Come on home child I still love you."

You know this song is part of my testimony.
When I was a young man I thought I knew it
all. I thought my dad did'nt know anything.
But once I got away from home I got a longing
in my heart for my daddy.

If you walking far off today. If you've never been saved. If you've never had that experience with the Lord. You might be yearning today just for a closer walk. All you got to do is just say,

Father forgive me of my sins,
Save my soul. I want to live for you,
From now on as long as I live.


Apple Tree Story By:
The Singing Christians
Visit Their Site
©The Singing Christians All Rights Reserved
(used with Permission)

I had the oppurtunity to hear The Singing Christians
while visiting my daughters church. This is my grandson
Jamies favorite song by them. He said grandma you just
have to hear "The Apple Tree Story." He was right the song
really touched my heart as did all their songs that night.

Thanks Janice & Chris for allowing me to use this song.

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